Kaupapa – Vision

I transform difficult relationships by helping people break through their personal and professional differences. With my assistance, individual, partnerships, teams and often whole organisations grow strong and robust. Relationships become much more collaborative and trust and confidence is restored.

I coach people to use powerful communication tools that repair communication breakdowns, work through personality clashes and resolve conflict. I also teach people how to prevent these problems occurring in the first place.

My approach is well balanced, professional and confident. Clients trust me to create a respectful empowering process that puts all parties at ease, leaving them satisfied with the outcome.  I am  committed to untangling difficult situations and teaching people how to communicate in a way that creates an enduring working relationship.

An important part of my work is that people grow and change. both personally and professionally, by developing a fresh approach to their colleagues.

About Cher Williscroft

My popular Courageous Conversations courses will teach you how to use a powerful process so you say the ‘hard’ things, in a way that will be received well and end up bringing out the best in others.

As Managing Director of Conflict Management Ltd (since 1986), I have over 35 years’ experience in conflict resolution in various roles as mediator, facilitator, coach, counsellor, manager, leader, and trainer. My work is specialised in the effective resolution of conflict, improving workplace communication and in enhancing leadership skills.  I work with organisations to unravel communication breakdowns and blockages and resolve conflict.  I also mentor and supervise leaders.  I am a well-qualified and very experienced trainer, coach, supervisor, and facilitator of conflict resolution.

Background and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts – Murdoch University Western Australia
  • Post Graduate studies: Certified Sociodramatist (Trainer, Educator and Practitioner TEP). Experienced and qualified champion of action-based experiential learning
  • Full (Ordinary) member of the Australian and NZ Psychodrama Association Inc
  • Seven years employed with Sealord Group (1996-2003) as Human Resources Manager and then their Organisational and Staff Development Manager. With 2,000 employees, I was responsible for organisational development, staff development, human resource systems and strategy, leadership mentoring and management training on all aspects of managing self, staff, and teams. I personally ran all leadership training, focused on personal productivity, leadership and managing people
  • Taught hundreds of courses, seminars and workshops in all areas of conflict resolution, people leadership, personal development and professional development
  • Supervised, mentored and coached dozens of leaders in organisation in one-to-one consultations
  • Staff member and trainer for the Centre of Experiential Learning and Development (Nelson)
  • Full CV on request