2024 Courageous Conversations Masterclass 1-day

Please can you pass on my thanks to Cher for the workshop yesterday.

I got so much out of it,  I wished I had done it years ago.  It really does change your mindset and way of thinking.

Dr Maria Post

Clinic Manager, Taupo Vets

We have been working with Cher to help staff develop their communication and collaboration skills. Cher has helped people understand their own style and how to get the most from it as well as focussing on relationships as well as outcomes.

Cher’s experiential style takes people out of their comfort zone in a safe and supportive way that makes a real difference over a short time.

Rob Hodgson

General Manager, Ministry of Social Development, Wellington

I’m using “be curious, not furious” and it brings amazing results! 🙂 Your course is simply awesome.

Sophie Debski

Ministry of Social Development, Wellington

Since our last mentoring session, suddenly I felt that I could see more clearly the other people’s reactions, and have a better understanding of what might be happening in their minds. I became aware of how they were reacting to me, an area where until now I had a blind spot. Now, I use these signals as an interesting part of communication and I use them as I want.

Rissa Ota

Ministry of Social Development, Wellington

I attended Cher’s Courageous Conversations course and participated in her Personal and Professional Development group. The skills and insights I am gaining from Cher’s knowledge is undoubtedly changing the way I communicate and interact with others for the better. I find that being able to connect these skills directly to my real work examples, in a safe and supportive environment is cementing the knowledge and makes it such a unique learning environment.

I’ve used the Courageous Conversations framework in my work environment since having the training and have been so surprised and impressed with the results – the end result is a much clearer conversation that gets the intended message across while also maintaining a respectful and caring relationship message.

It’s training like I’ve never had before and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone wanting to build their confidence in communicating and understanding others.

Shannan Scott

Human Resources Advisor, Nelson

I attended Cher Williscroft’s Courageous Conversations workshop 2 ½ years ago. I found it incredibly useful at the time, and 2 ½ years later, I am still using the skills I learned weekly in my work and home life. It blows my mind that the techniques I learnt really work, and continue to work today. The techniques Cher teaches are incredibly practical and easy to use and deliver results. I can definitely recommend this course!

Nicola McGrouther

Creekside Consulting, Otago

I have experienced Cher’s professional work for almost 1 year in several intensive workshops and, in coaching sessions with her, and also in taking part in her course “Courageous Conversations”. I very much value her vast skills, knowledge and experience and she also has a great toolbox of communication techniques. Some of the communication tools are her own unique concepts and I find them very practical, useful and easy to put into action. I highly appreciate her respectful, mindful, attentive and caring approach to working with me as her client.

Cher is very considerate, and she integrates mind, spirit and body in her work. She supported me gently, patiently and with clarity during my challenging time of personal transformation. I could learn a lot from her on a personal as well as on a professional level.

Thank you, Cher, you have touched my heart, you have encouraged me “to be myself”, and you helped me restore my confidence in my profession as a Coach and Trainer.

Susanne Knoll-Heissler

Coach and Trainer, Nelson