Let me recap some important principles of having a courageous collegial conversation:

~   Always make sure the person you want to have a conversation with is ready to receive your communication before you launch into the details. Start with a opening sentence that has a purpose that includes the two of you having a better relationship e.g. “Let’s make sure we work well together on this project and iron out a few issues before they become a problem …”

~  Make sure you find some respect in your heart, or appreciation of the other person, before you attempt any courageous conversation – your aim is to improve your understanding, relationship and reach agreements.

~  Be curious not furious.  Use your empathic listening skills, even if you disagree.

~  Remember, not all conflict will be resolved, even if you are keen to talk  …  it takes two to want to engage.

~  Knowledge is talking  …  wisdom is listening.

~  Acknowledge your part in any problem and make it clear what you are prepared to do to make changes.