Personal and professional effectiveness through getting in control of your time

The Find the Time system of time, email, paper and desk management, helps people to get control of their time so that they focus on their most important priorities both personally and professionally.

A powerful one-to-one coaching/training programme that shows you how to achieve the most important things in your work and life.  This course will focus your attention on the one thing you need to do in the next moment.

The Find the Time system when applied consistently will increase performance by focusing on the right things, help reduce stress, improve enjoyment, deal with work overload, and increase satisfaction of life and work. People who use this system feel more in control of their time and life.

Find the Time . . . .  a time management system that gives you the control of what you do and when you do it.

  • Learn to focus on the most important priorities by using a trusted `external memory’ so each next action is the right one
  • Learn how to plan so you cover all your responsibilities and goals
  • Establish daily priorities for planning your workload
  • Learn how to deal with external time wasters
  • Use a system to decide what you will do when people or requests arrive from left-field resulting in tasks you hadn’t planned on
  • Build self-discipline in order to plan and manage your workload and achieve the goals you have set yourself
  • Deal with your own internal time wasters. These are your values and habitual patterns that prevent you focusing on your most important tasks eg pleasing others, fear of getting it wrong, needing to be likedAfter the session you make a commitment to apply the system for 2 months. 

Follow up:

After the session each person makes a commitment to a 30 day trial of the system. After this time each person receives a follow-up session at their desk, to deal with specific time management issues, and directions for getting each person’s work space physically and electronically sorted for efficient work and retrieval systems.

What to bring?

  • Anything you use to write down the things you have to do eg outlook task list, outlook calendar, pieces of paper, or diary.
  • The list of things you have to do in your job over the next few months.  If these are on Outlook tasks or calendar, bring a print out.
  • If you have yearly goals (KPIs) bring those or your job description or anything where your job or role is described.

What you receive

  • One to one programme:  Teaches the Find the Time system individualised it for your requirements.Includes:
  • An initial consultation to determine your exact learning needs. If applicable, you may invite your manager to the first 30 minutes so we make sure what success looks like.
  • I will help you set up and implement planning system tailor-made to your work requirements. This includes task management, email management, efficiency in how you use your desk space, and how to manage paper and people. This can take up to 8 hours.
  • A power point presentation and workbook.
  • A follow up in one month.Cost:      $300 plus gst for an initial assessment of 1.5 hoursVenue:  At your computer at your office or with your work laptop anywhere in New Zealand (costs of travel apply outside Nelson) or in Cher Williscroft’s office in Nelson.

I’m happy to use the word ‘exceptional’ for this course. I would recommend both Cher as a trainer and the methodologies she imparts. I do in fact recommend Cher to my own clients and would not hesitate to contract her services myself. I have passed on the same wisdom as and when needed. I deal mainly with management and project leaders, so the key to their success very much lies in using the same prioritising and planning skills to be effective in their roles. I still use the tools I learned from Cher myself. If your organisation has members who are in any way in control of the way they allocate their own time, often busy, stressed or having trouble meeting the expectations of their role this course will yield huge benefits in both their professional and personal capacities. I have yet to see an organisation that doesn’t fit the bill. I teach Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, and these are fantastic methodologies. But without sound time management skills we lack the capacity to put them to good use. 

Lloyd Murphy

Thornley Group Ltd

I often reflect on what a great benefit this course has given me, especially when the pressure is on. It really comes into its own when you are snowed under with things to do. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, it’s easy to get things into a logical order, and with the follow–up method of transferring things forward if not done, things don’t get forgotten. Overall, my productivity has increased greatly and I feel less stressed out by all the things I have to do. Thanks!

Leo McIntyre

Manager, Temporary Solutions

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