Two day in-house workshop with Cher Williscroft, Managing Director Conflict Management Ltd

Develop a greater capacity to communicate with your colleagues so your expertise and technical knowledge is received well and you get the very best out of your relationships. 

Develop greater influence by becoming aware of, and changing your habitual communication patterns, so all your communication enhances your collegial and stakeholder relationships.

Learn the art of preparing a `relationship’ message with your content message. 

Maintain your composure in situations when stakes are high, emotions run high, feathers are getting ruffled, or opinions differ, keeping the meeting or conversation on track and maintain mutual positive regard for one another.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain awareness of your habitual patterns of communication, those that assist you to influence your colleagues and stakeholders positively and those that work against you.
  • Metacommunicate to ensure that your message is received as you intended and increase your receptivity.
  • Develop the practice of BPI (best possible interpretation) to reduce your reactivity and increase your influence skills.
  • Understand neurophysiology (threat and reward systems) and how the brain triggers unhelpful reactions.
  • Learn the three things that you can do to keep the situation calm and maintain your composure when you are having a stressful encounter.  Maintain mutual positive regard for your colleagues in situations when stakes are high, emotions run high, feathers are getting ruffled or opinions differ.
  • Learn to listen appreciatively to your colleagues and stakeholders so you get to understand their perspective before you seek to explain your own point of view.
  • Build your confidence to deal with difficult people, personality clashes, communication breakdowns, or miscommunication.
  • Learn the art of preparing a ‘relationship’ message with your ‘content’ message.

To make the course real and alive, we will use real situations you are currently dealing with. You will receive coaching within the confidentiality of the group.

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Duration and Time:  This workshop can be two consecutive days or two days 1 month apart, depending on what suits your team.

Fees: Tailored for each client/group.  Cher will ring you for a briefing and provide a proposal.  (Fee does not include gst, travel, refreshments, venue hire. )

Included in fee:

  • Briefing and debriefing with Manager 
  • Initial telephone interview with participants to ascertain learning goals, the situation they are in, and their suitability to attend
  • 40 page workbook
  • 13.5 hour course