Two day workshop with Cher Williscroft, Managing Director Conflict Management Ltd

Develop a greater capacity to communicate with stakeholders so that your expertise is received as you intended.

Be influential with your expertise and technical knowledge by becoming aware of, and changing your own habitual patterns that work against your collaborative relationships to stakeholders.

Learn the art of preparing a `relationship’ message with your content message and adjusting your delivery based on the visual clues you are always receiving.

Maintain your composure when anyone’s buttons are pressed so you maintain positive mutual regard for one another.

Overview and Learning Outcomes:

Build your knowledge and confidence to deal with difficult people, personality clashes, communication breakdowns, or miscommunication or even reduce conflict in your life.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Awareness of your habitual patterns of communication with stakeholders, those that assist you to influence others in a frank and friendly way and those that work against you.
  • Use the powerful communication tools of meta-communication to ensure that your message is received as you intended and increase receptivity.
  • Reduce reactivity and increase your influence skills
  • Calibrate your delivery style to the learning style of your audience
  • Understand neurophysiology (threat and reward systems) and how the brain triggers unhelpful reactions.
  • Learn the three things that you can do to keep the situation calm when you are having a stressful encounter with a stakeholder.
  • Learn to listen appreciatively to your stakeholders so you get to understand their perspective before you seek to explain your own point of view.

To make the course real and alive, we will use real situations you are currently dealing with. You will receive coaching within the confidentiality of the group.

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Time:  9.00 am to 4.30 pm

Fees: Tailored for each client/group

Included in fee:

  • Initial telephone interview to ascertain learning goals, the situation you are in, and your suitability to attend
  • 40 page workbook
  • 13.5 hour course
  • Refreshments

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