Communications Masterclass – Personal and Professional Development

Leader: Cher Williscroft, Sociodramatist TEP

Dates:  Please contact to discuss your requirements

Communication Masterclass

Hone your communication skills with focused training

This group is for those who want to develop their competency as communicators, in a small, confidential group that meets monthly for 5 months.

You will bring to the group your current workplace communication issues and real-life communication challenges.  Cher’s intensive coaching will teach you to reach a greater awareness and practice new responses to those issues and challenges.   This is an opportunity for in-depth development using action methods to help you come up with new and satisfying approaches.

Expect to:

  • Hone your ability to communicate courageously and collaboratively in groups, meetings, with work colleagues, or in any relationship.
  • Develop your abilities and confidence to bring out the best in your staff, or build trust with your colleagues.
  • Learn well-honed tools and practical tips for dealing with communication breakdowns, personality clashes, miscommunications, conflict, values and emotionally charged situations.

This is a forum where you will get to know what makes you and others’ tickand will result in a refreshed you!